Lithuania-Poland-Russia ENPI Cross-border Cooperation Programme 2007-2013
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Lithuania-Poland-Russia ENPI Cross-border Cooperation Programme 2007-2013 BW

Opportunities and Benefits of Joint Use of the Vistula Lagoon

Beneficiary Maritime Institute in Gdansk (Poland)

Partner Administration of the Municipal District of Baltijsk (Russia)
City Commune of Elbląg (Poland)
Immanuel Kant State University (Russia)
Atlantic Branch of P.P.Shirshov Institute of Oceanology of Russian Academy of Sciences (Russia)

Total budget 1078270.00 €

Programme Contribution 970443.00 €

Duration 24 months

Priority 2 - Pursuing social, economic and spatial development

Measure 2.4. Joint spatial and socio-economic planning

Project ref. number LPR1/010/143

The overall objective of the project is the intensification of socioeconomic cooperation among regions of Vistula Lagoon. Specific objectives which will support the overall idea incorporate several soft activities.

Main estimated results of the project are as follow:

  • Increased knowledge of opportunities behind common cooperation towards optimal realization of Vistula Lagoon socioeconomic potential through preparation of several reports on natural environment and socioeconomic conditions of the Vistula Lagoon and creation of the catalogue on transport infrastructure.
  • Increased number of regional initiatives improving territorial accessibility and cross-border mobility through organization of the seminar on trans-regional cooperation in Vistula Lagoon region.
  • Improved attractiveness of Vistula Lagoon region, regarding tourist and natural environment established on the conference on the objective of common regional development and recommendations and guidelines for future cooperation around Vistula Lagoon, through series of dedicated seminars and study visits.
  • Two Handbooks published: first on the Baltic port development in the context of spatial planning, second on sustainable development in Vistula Lagoon region.
  • Roadmap for future common activities created.
  • Transborder cooperation enhanced through public consultations in Poland and Russia on future development on Vistula Lagoon and on spatial planning.
  • Increased visibility of Vistula Lagoon Region through Beneficiary’s and partners’ participation in external promotion fairs and conferences.

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