Lithuania-Poland-Russia ENPI Cross-border Cooperation Programme 2007-2013
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Strategic focus and objectives

The socio-economic analysis of the border region and the SWOT analysis have revealed that the most characteristic features of the Programme area are: an exclave character of the Kaliningrad region, a peripheral character of a majority (with few exceptions) of the Programme area's regions both from the European and the national perspective, as well as the existence of important developmental potentials hardly linked together. All those aforementioned problems and challenges, coupled with possible synergetic effects out of the more intensive co-operation, outline good opportunities to develop crossborder operations in the future among Lithuania Poland and Russia.

The role of the Programme is to help in overcoming these challenges and removing development barriers. The vision shared by the authorities engaged in this programming effort is that the Programme area should become the node of East-West and North-South transport axes and trade and tourism routes. Further, it should evolve into a cross-border region of mutual understanding between the neighbours working together to develop or maintain the most important developmental assets of the area, such as natural and cultural heritage and human capital (in particular entrepreneurship). In line with the analysis of the present situation the assistance shall remove obstacles to effective cross-border co-operation and provide favourable conditions for linking potentials over the national borders and to safeguard good social, cultural and natural environment for the residents, tourists and investors in the Programme area.

In the context of the EU Regulation No 1638/2006 of the European Parliament and of the Council laying down general provisions establishing a European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument, the Programme intends to develop a zone of shared stability, security and prosperity, involving a significant degree of economic social and political co-operation. The focus will be on joint projects/efforts involving local and regional authorities, SMEs associations, NGOs and the general public. The project will contribute to building mutual trust and progressive regional economic integration in line with principles of subsidiary and sustainability.

The overall objectives of the Programme resulting from the SWOT analysis are
therefore the following:

  • Promoting economic and social development on both sides of the common
  • Working together to address common challenges and common problems,
  • Promoting people to people co-operation.

The objective of ensuring efficient and secure borders is also important for the
Programme Area. However, since the existing borders are sufficiently secure, the focus should be on making them more efficient. Those aspects are partially covered by the listed above objectives in particular the one dealing with common problems and challenges. They are also present in the Programme Priorities.
While implementing the Programme objectives special attention should be paid to the synergetic effects of matching the ENPI CBC interventions with the ERDF interventions (ETC programmes) addressing the same territory.

The Lithuania – Poland – Russia Programme
is co-financed with the funds from the European Union
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