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Reporting, monitoring, audits

Q: When a Beneficiary should submit an interim report? When the co-financing is to be reported by the Beneficiary?

The 1st  interim report is to be submitted when at least 70% of the received  pre-financing (Grant amount) has been spent.
The 2nd interim report (if applicable) is to be submitted  when  70 % of the 2nd pre-financing payment and 100% of the 1st pre-financing payment (Grant amount) is spent.
The co-financing has to be reported within interim and final reports in the way that at least 10% of co-financing (in addition to the reported grant amount) should be reported by the Beneficiary.

Q: What if the costs incurred by the project are not amounting at 70% from the previous pre-financing (and 100% from any previous pre-financing) and a payment claim is submitted?

A: As indicated in Article 15 of the General Conditions, “Where reports are submitted in compliance with Article 2 but where the consumption of the previous pre-financing is less than 70%, the amount of the new pre-financing payment shall be reduced by the amount corresponding to the difference between the 70% threshold and the amount actually consumed of the previous pre-financing payment.”

Q: Should the final report include all expenditure incurred during entire project implementation period? What is the exchange rate to be used in the final report?

Only expenditures incurred during the last reporting period should be reported within the final report and proved by expenditure verification. Therefore average of monthly exchanges rates published at Infor EURO for the final reporting period is to be used:
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Q: As a Beneficiary we haven’t received proper information about the project progress in the partner’s organization due to their internal problems.  Thus, can we submit a 4 month narrative report only on behalf of the beneficiary?  

Every report submitted to the JTS should cover activities implemented by all project partners; therefore any report not presenting activities of all the partners will be rejected.
Beneficiary is responsible for the whole project implementation in accordance with the provisions of the Grant Contract.

Q: When does the reporting period for the next 4-months Narrative Report after submission of the Interim Report start? 

A: The reporting period for the next 4-months Narrative Report after submission of the Interim Report starts next day after the period covered by the Interim Report.

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