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Eligibility - partners, area

Q:What kind of assistance can be provided by JTS in partner search?
In future JTS will organize a partner search event (forum). At the present time there is a form placed at the site (Search for partner section), which can be filled in and submitted by potential partners. JTS is not providing direct  assistance in partner search.

Q: Can the Partner from Russia be a private trainig company or it also must be a non-profit organization?
 According to the Guidlines Partners must satisfy the elgibility criteria as applicable on the Applicant himself listed in section 2.1.1 (must be as a rule non profit making, acting for public purposes).

Q: Would it be possible that a partner, registered in the country outside the project eligible area (Germany) would participate as a partner in the project, or is the 20 % rule only valid for directly linked regions?
A: In accordance with Guidlines section 2.1.1. in exceptional cases where the project's objectives cannot be achieved without the participation of a partner established within the participant countries but outside the programme area, the participation of this organisation as a partner (i.e. not as a Lead Partner) can be accepted. Thus, partners from non Programme countries are not eligible.

Q: Would be eligible the partnership of Kaliningrad and Kaunas (adjesten area) organisations?
Please be reminded in accourdance to Guidelines for Applicants 2.1.2 "To secure the Programme focus on the core Programme Area entities from the adjacent areas might participate only in projects in which at least two partners from different countries come from the core part of the Programme Area. Additionally the partners from the adjacent regions cannot be the Applicant of the projects."

Q: Can an institution, being a localised branch without legal personality, act as a partner in the project. Meanwhile, the head office of the institution is located in Warsaw (non-Programme area) and has a legal personality?
In accordance with Guidelines for Applicants, section 2.1., Applicants must be legal persons or an entity without legal personality (in this case shall be submitted by entities which do not have legal personality under the applicable national law, provided that their representatives have the capacity to undertake legal obligations on their behalf, and assume financial liability).

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