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On 28 Decemebr 2012 JMA signed grant contract for co-financing of the health development project within the measure 2.2 with total budget of 2.188.386,27 euros. Action under the title “Development of modern emergency medicine units through the infrastructure modernization, extending of decisions support systems and increasing medical benefits based on the cross-border cooperation” will consolidate the efforts of two health institutions - Provincial Integrated Hospital in Elbląg (Poland) acting as the beneficiary and City ambulance station of Kaliningrad (Russia).

The general task of the project is to satisfy the demands of modern society in a comprehensive way within the field of medical lifesaving. The necessity of its realisation if justified by the detrimental impact of problems in clinic infrastructure regarding health level and need to lower the mortality and incapacitation level especially in cases of road accidents, construction disasters, fires, natural disasters and epidemics.

The overall objective of the project is the efficiency improvement of functioning of medical lifesaving services in the cross-border area of Poland and Russia through modernization of emergency medicine units’ base and increasing of standards of services delivered by two medical institutions – partners of the project. It also pursues several specific objectives namely the amelioration of decision support system in cases of sudden life threats by implementation of tele-electrocardiogram (ECG) system for data transmission and system for localization of ambulance cars; shortening of the time necessary to reach the patient who requires help and providing of complex medical assistance in the first minutes of life hazard; qualification improvement of the cross-border emergency medicine service’s personnel by acquiring and strengthening of professional skills of lifesaving based on international standards.

The project is addressed to the emergency medicine services in the region providing them with modern technology tools and specialist equipment to make their work more effective. It directly influences the personnel and patients of partner institutions and has far-reaching consequences for partner regions (Warmia-Mazurian Voevodship in Poland and Kaliningrad region in Russia) in a whole.

Main project activities are as follow:

1) Staffing of the project team with representatives from two partner health institutions.

2) Adaptation, modernization and reconstruction of existing building located at 6, Orzeszkowa Street in Elbląg (Poland) to the needs of the Emergency Services of the Medical Emergency Unit of the Elbląg Provincial Integrated Hospital.

3) Extension of the decision support system, data transmission system and ambulance localization system for the Emergency Services in Elbląg Provincial Integrated Hospital by installing the digital communication system inside the hospital together with ambulance equipment necessary for notification arrangements on dispatch, decision support system, data transmission and ambulance location for the medical emergency unit; installing the system for ECG data receiving and assemblage of defibrillators with ECG data transmission inside ambulance cars.

4) Purchasing of three ambulance cars for Elbląg Provincial Integrated Hospital.

5) Modernization of the conference hall in Elbląg Provincial Integrated Hospital and purchasing of necessary equipment for trainings on medical lifesaving.

6) Organization of one kick-off conference and three project team meetings in Elbląg and three project team meetings in Kaliningrad.

7) Organization of training for the paramedics from Elbląg Provincial Integrated Hospital and Kaliningrad City ambulance station regarding distant ECG data transmission.

8) Organization of meeting for paramedics and dispatchers from Medicine Emergency Unit of Elbląg Provincial Integrated Hospital in order to acquaint them with IT system already installed and working in Kaliningrad City ambulance station.

9) Organization of training of paramedics from Medicine Emergency Unit of Elbląg Provincial Integrated Hospital and Kaliningrad City ambulance station devoted to European standards in medical lifesaving.

10) Organization of several meetings for a team of paramedics and doctors from Elbląg Provincial Integrated Hospital and Kaliningrad City ambulance station in order to share the experience and to elaborate common standards in medical lifesaving operations on the base of both institutions.

11) Organization of summary meeting for finalization of project activities.

12) Project promotion activities including production of several gadgets, informative and commemorative boards, publications in local press and TV sketches.

13) Publication of a comic book on first aid hints for school children at the age of 11-12.

14) Organization of external audit and contract engineering.

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