Lithuania-Poland-Russia ENPI Cross-border Cooperation Programme 2007-2013
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The project “Improvement environmental at the Lithuanian – Russian border” with the total budget of 4,318,344.90 EUR aimed at the sustainable use of environment was launched. Programme’s contribution equals to 3,886,510.41 EUR. Substantial part of the financing will be devoted to the implementation of the infrastructural activities. Project foresees the joint actions of municipal administrations of Klaipeda (Lithuania) and Neman municipal district (Russia).

Regional landfill, which receives waste from seven municipalities, started operating in Dumpiai (Lithuania) in 2008. At present, its biggest problem is the lack of leachate and wastewater treatment plants in the landfill because the waste  is polluted with heavy metals (zinc, nickel, copper, chromium, phosphorus, nitrogen, and hydrargyrum) and local treatment company has no capacity to manage increased contamination. Unless leachate and wastewater treatment plants are built as soon as possible, Klaipeda regional waste management centre may be closed; thus, residents of Klaipeda County may remain without the regional landfill. The existing ground in Neman town (Russia) is not equipped for storing mixed municipal waste; the landfill is overfilled and installed without complying with sanitary norms. Present project is destined to become an antidote for these problems.

The overall objective of the project contains in establishment of the cooperation between Lithuania and Russia in solving common environmental problems of the region by taking into account the achievement of several specific objectives – improvement of the ecological situation in the basin of the river Neman and the Curonian Lagoon, construction of the leachate and wastewater treatment plants in the landfills of Dumpiai village (Lithuania) and Neman town (Russia), re-cultivation and closing of the landfill in Neman, promotion of the project activities and results. Project will have far-reaching consequences for the residents of the partner regions, municipal administrations’ and public utilities’ employees.

Main activities of the project are as follow:

1. Internal management of the project, organization of the project management group meetings and project publicity (4 press articles, layout of information on the partners’ websites, production of 2 informational and 2 permanent stands).

2. Construction of leachate and wastewater treatment plants (reverse osmosis technology) in Dumpiai (Lithuania) and Neman (Russia) landfills. Except infrastructural actions this activity also foresees the training for personnel and monitoring during which leachate pollution will be measured where it is discharged from the landfill whereas clean water drained from the plant will be measured prior to releasing it into the environment.

3. Re-cultivation and closing of the landfill in Neman town (Russia) which activity includes performing engineering, geological and cadastral tests, designing and construction of the access roads, power lines, fence and water-supply, re-cultivation with leveling off the landfill slopes, installing wastewater collection system, covering the rainproof layer and pouring with soil wastewater hills and planting the re-cultivated area with trees, scrubs and grass.

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