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The project entitled “Tourism Information Network” or shortly TourInfoNet, prepared under the category of tourism development, has been recently signed. Grant contract for co-financing of the project’s main activities was signed by the JMA on January 21st, 2013 and co-signed by the Benificiary on 28 December 2012. The Application was elaborated in close cooperation between its lead partner –Regional Tourist Information Center of Kaliningrad region of the Russian Federation – and other partners which are regional and municipal tourism information centers which represent three Programme countries – Lithuania, Poland and Russia – and some Programme areas – Klaipeda County, Pomorskie and Warmian-Masurian Voevodship and Kaliningrad region. Total budget of the action is 352.585,50 euros which is to be spent of the project’s activities during 22-months period – project will be finalized in October 2014.

The overall objective of the TourInfoNet project is aimed at increase in tourism attractiveness of the Programme Area through implementation of several joint activities. Project is directly oriented at development of tourism information centers network along the coastal area of the Programme territory with a specific objective to establish effective cross-border system for collecting, exchange and dissemination of tourism information and promotion of joint tourist products within and outside the Programme area. Such integrated system would allow developing closer ties and means for information exchange (including statistical data) among the tourism information centers of the Programme area, improving tourist infrastructure by means of new points of tourist information dissemination, promoting local historical and cultural heritage sites and contributing to a new image of the region as a unique tourist destination beyond its borders.

The project is intended to bring immediate results to the personnel of the tourist information centers located within the project territory and representatives of tourism industry in the Programme area as well as their service consumers. Results are aimed at resolving key problems of the target groups and final beneficiaries that is to furnish local centers with integrated cross-border system of data collection and exchange and with additional points of its dissemination among general public as well as to facilitate promotion of joint tourist products thereby improving socio-economic situation of local communities.

The project activities are arranged into three main and one supportive interrelated sections:

1) Development of a joint IT system by establishing a newsletter exchange system, creating and launching of interactive regional map, adjusting partners’ web-sites to the needs of the regional tourist operators.

2) Facilitating of better dissemination of tourism information within the region by installing Flying tourism information centers, public informative terminals and informative panels and navigation signposts.

3) Promoting of joint tourism products within and outside the project area by conducting a sample survey, organizing information tours and producing joint promotional materials.

4) Project management activities – organization of several working meetings, providing of visibility of each project action, supplying the administrative support, accounting service, monitoring and evaluation of project implementation.

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