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On January 21st 2013 one more large scale project was signed. Administration of Slavsk municipal area of the Kaliningrad acts as the Beneficiary of the action entitled “Building of sewerage and waste water treatment plants and construction of water supply networks in the border area between Kaliningrad region and Lithuania”. Total budget of the project is 8,159,805.91 euro. The ENPI CBC Lithuania-Poland-Russia Programme provides 81.94 per cent of this sum. According to the terms of the co-financing for large scale projects beneficiary and its partners (municipal administrations of Silute district and Silale district of Lithuania) will ensure 18.06 per cent of total budget of the action.

The project’s objectives are aimed at contributing to the protection of the environment of the Baltic Sea area and improvement of living standards of the population in Neman River Delta area. The specific objectives are planned to be achieved through a set of interrelated activities, including those aimed at the reduction of water pollution in Neman River Delta, improvement of access to good-quality drinking water and better coordination of environmental protection measures being undertaken on both sides of the border. The necessity of the activities stipulated within the scope of the project is justified by the fact that the wastewaters from households of the densely populated project’s target area and industrial enterprises present a significant source of pollution for the marine environment of the region.

Slavsk, Silute and Silale municipalities are all within the area of the basin, which means that water discharged from their territories eventually drains in the sea through local rivers and ground waters. Untreated or partly treated wastewater contains a wide range of pollutants in concentrations greatly exceeding permissible level of discharges. It is therefore extremely crucial to treat municipal sewage efficiently not to trigger any changes in the oxygen content and other unfavorable changes in the Baltic Sea. Furthermore, Neman River Delta is considered as one of the key economic and cultural assets for the partner municipalities. With an outstanding tourist potential of this area, the development of three towns participating in the project (Slavsk (Russia), Pajuris, Juknaiciai (Lithuania)) depends largely on the state of environment and availability of basic infrastructure.

Successful implementation of the project will allow solving a wide range of issues posing serious constraints for the people residing in the project area who are project’s target groups and final beneficiaries. Thus, among other issues, the project will raise living conditions of the population and general life quality when most of the inhabitants of the participating towns will get access to uninterrupted centralised water-treatment and water-supply; it will have positive impact on economic growth of the territories opening better prospects for tourism development and improving infrastructure necessary for businesses.

Main activities of the project are divided into three major blocks:

1. The group of organizational activities includes arrangement of kick-off conference in Slavsk, closing conference in Silale and several steering committee and working group’s meetings in all partner towns.

2. Activities aimed on modernization and development of waste water and water supply systems involve preparation of public procurement documentation and tender announcement for all infrastructural works; construction of wastewater networks and treatment facilities in Slavsk; construction of sewerage and water supply networks in Juknaiciai, which also includes construction of three new wastewater pump station, renovation of existing one and reconstruction of wastewater treatment plant in order to improve its daily cleaning capacity; reconstruction of wastewater treatment plant in Pakalniskiai I village, Pajuris eldership with water supply and wastewater networks, newly installed main sewage pump station and water well.

3. Activities oriented to coordination of environment protection include harmonization of development strategies of Slavsk, Silale and Silute municipalities, elaboration of a concept of joint project in the field of environmental protection in Neman River Delta and dissemination of best practices.

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