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In February 2013 Administration of Jurbarkas District Municipality and Joint Managing Authority presented by the Ministry of Regional Development of Poland had signed the second Grant Contract for implementation of one more project co-financed by Lithuania-Poland-Russia ENPI CBC Programme 2007-2013. The project “Infrastructure Development and Cooperation in Health Education” will be implemented together with two partners: Administration of Neman Municipal District (Kaliningrad Region, Russia) and District Authority for the Management of Schools and Educational Institutions from Giżycko, Warmińsko-Mazurskie Province (Poland). The partner institutions from the Programme co-financing will get in total 2.674.289,54 euro or up to 90% of the total project value to reach the estimated goals and implement main project activities.

The insufficient physical activity of children and teenagers and their unwillingness and inability to take care of their own health is an important problem for all three countries. Therefore, the general objective of the project is to promote cooperation among Lithuanian, Russian and Polish border areas in the field of education for good health, tackling problems of insufficient physical activity of children and youth and stimulate cooperation among specialists in the field of education for good health.

The project will be implemented in 22 months and it goals will be reached through the implementation of various activities:

1. Reconstruction of sports stadium field and auxiliary building of the stadium in Jurbarkas District Municipality and camp including sports facilities in Neman District Municipality.

2. Organisation conferences, aimed at deepening the knowledge of the concerned specialists in the fields of health promotion, disease prevention and early diagnostics, as well as to provide more information about the importance of physical activity in childhood and adolescence and about related dangers to the children’s health.

3. Organisation of summer camps for children (2 in each country) and sport festivals (4 in Lithuanian and 4 in Russia), which will teach the children and adolescents the basics of healthy lifestyle, will promote the increase of physical activity and will provide information about the future possible effects of insufficient physical activity.

4. Preparation and Distribution of the informational publications about the importance of physical activity and healthy lifestyle in native languages (1000 in each country, 3000 in total). Also, seeking comprehensive distribution of information, 5 articles on this issue will be published in the press in each country (all partners together 15 articles in total).
It is planned that successful implementation of the project will have long-term effects in the regions of participating partners, such as increased number of physically active pupils and inhabitants, as well as decreased sickness rate of some diseases related to insufficient physical activity of children and teenagers.

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