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Recently Joint Managing Authority, represented by the Polish Ministry of regional development and administration of Pagegiai municipality (Lithuania) countersigned the Grant contract for financing of the project “Development of tourism information system and cultural tourism infrastructure in Pagegiai-Sovetsk cross-border region”. As it seen from the title Pagegiai municipal authorities are not acting alone while contributing to the development of programme measure 2.1. Lead partner of the project involved municipal administration of Sovetsk City District (Russia) in its implementation as the junior partner. Together they will get 508.260,80 euros from the ENPI CBC Lithuania-Poland-Russia Programme funds for organization of main events within action plan of the project.

The overall objective of the action is the increase of number of foreign and local tourists in Pagegiai-Sovetsk cross-border region. Reaching of several specific objectives will draw this goal nearer. First is the improvement of tourism information system quality by creation of tourism information centres in Pagegiai municipality and Sovetsk. Second is the instalment of two museum expositions in newly created Pagegiai tourism information center.

Beneficiary defined three main target groups which will be influenced by and benefit from basic estimated results of the project. First group includes tourist service providers – already existing companies and new ones which will be established as a result of tourism information centres’ functioning. The second group unites Pagegiai and Sovetsk municipal authorities – increased flow of tourists will generate more income and create new employment opportunities in both municipalities. Third group involves population of two regions – local residents will obtain opportunity to engage in individual small tourism business, creating jobs and increasing income.

Main activities of the project are as follow:

1. Reconstruction of Pagegiai tourism information center.

2. Purchasing of furniture, office and conference equipment for new Pagegiai tourism information center.

3. Preparation of the concept for Pagegiai tourism information center’s museum.

4. Designing and installation of museum exhibition in Pagegiai tourism information center.

5. Renovation works in Sovetsk tourism information center.

6. Carrying out of technical supervision of repairs in Sovetsk tourism information center.

7. Purchasing of equipment for Sovetsk tourism information center.

8. Preparation of joint tourism routes.

9. Designing of Sovetsk and Pagegiai tourism information centers’ web-sites.

10. Elaboration of Pagegiai tourism information center’s marketing strategy.

11. Purchasing of interactive computer terminals for Pagegiai and Sovetsk tourism information centres.

12. Setting of information stands.

13. Publishing of press information materials about cultural heritage and various useful facts for tourists.

14. Measures aimed on smooth management of the project.

15. Promotion of the project in local press and on television.

16. Organization of project audit.

17. Organization of project inner coordination meetings.

18. Organization of kick-off and final conferences – first in Sovetsk and last in Pagegiai – for discussion of development of tourism opportunities and challenges of the project.

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