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One of the last regular projects “Multicultural dialog – Multicultural theatres – strengthening social and cultural integration of border areas” was launched on 16 March 2013 after the Joint Managing Authority, presented by the Ministry of Regional Development of Republic of Poland, countersigned Grant contract with project’s lead partner – Aleksander Sewruk’s Theatre from Elbląg (Poland). Beneficiary and its partners – Kaliningrad Drama Theatre from Russian Federation and Klaipeda State Music Theatre from Lithuania – will receive Programme’s co-financing in amount of 562.063,50 euros in order to realize main points of project’s action plan during the next 16th months.

Project is destined to reach two major specific objectives – the strengthening of cultural and social integration in border areas of Lithuania, Poland and Russia and enhancement of international cooperation between partner cultural institutions. In the long run its results should guarantee effective cross-border cooperation by removing cultural barriers, creating positive environment for cultural development between borders, increasing social inclusion, promoting contacts and solving common problems. The idea of the project is to create joint performance method with equal involvement of all partner theatres, which will produce the basis for future similar initiatives. It will become the first such massive endeavour carried out by three theatres from different countries. This Action will help building a common identity for the participating states as well as eliminate mental barriers between different societies.

Main activities of the project are as follow:

1) Establishment of the managerial core of the project during opening management meeting together with discussions about joint performances scenario, technical matters of the project functioning and elaboration of communication plan.

2) Creation of production design for planned performance in order to construct the scenography and create costumes for the play.

3) Purchase of advanced equipment (sets of clip-on wireless microphones) necessary for proper production of the performances in three partner theatres.

4) Organization of 3 two-day international workshops during which 60 actors (20 from each country participating in the project) together with project coordinators will be expertly trained in literature, theatre history, fencing art, signing and stage movement.

5) Organization of 3 two-day workshops for 30 members of each theatre staff (10 from each partner country) such as scenographers, lighting engineers, sound engineers, tailors and stylists, who will be trained by 5 experts.

6) Organization of separate rehearsals under the main director’s supervision (1 in Russia and 1 in Lithuania) during which he will observe and comment on internal rehearsals, scenography and costumes of the future production.

7) Organization of 4-day joint dress rehearsals of the performance for Lithuania-Polish-Russian cast in order to reach integrity, trial purchased equipment and test scenography and technical details.

8) Staging of 15 international admission free performances under the title of “Romeo and Juliet” (5 in each partner theatre) in order to present to the general public the product of multicultural theatrical cooperation. Last performance in Kaliningrad will be united with final project conference.

9) Implementation of promotional activities including: designing of project web-site with downloadable newsletters, videos and pictures on the project progress, production of 6 roll-ups (2 for each country), 3 banners (1 for each country), printing of 30000 brochures and 1500 publications about the “Multicultural Theatre” project, producing of promotional gadgets, publication of press, radio and TV advertisements in media of each partner country.

10) Organization of final conference in the Kaliningrad Drama Theatre.

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