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Marijampolė Petras Kriaučiūnas Public Library (Lithuania) together with Chernyakhovsk municipal institution "Centralized Library System" (Russia) started to implement the Project in November  2012 and already can be proud of positive results.

The head of the library branch established in the city district "Draugystė" (Friednship) conducted a survey which and invited to suggest name for the branch. Inhabitants of Marijampolė suggested to name the library branch "Mano biblioteka" (My library), "Geroji biblioteka" (Good library), "Gudručių biblioteka" (Library for smarts) and also "Skaitukas", but the name "Friendship" was selected because it was the nicest for the local population and therefore the city branch was officially named "Draugystė" (Friendship) in November 2012 by the order of the director of the public library. During the survey the readers were also asked to answer the question how the renovated library should look like.
People would like modern library which would be attractive both from outside and inside. The readers acknowledged that important is to have spacious and bright rooms, where one could communicate. According to one person, it would be nice to find "a corner, where one could sit and talk about the books, drink coffee". Another participant of the survey would like the spacious library, "where in one space could meet parents, children and grandchildren", which is the essence of the library for family. The visualisation of the rooms after the modernisation is already available the public procurement of construction works is under way therefore it remains only to wait until the newly renovated library opens their doors for readers.

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