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Small and medium-sized businesses will soon have an effective document with guidelines on how to set up and carry on tourist business in the coastal areas of Curonian and Vistula Lagoons. The Guidelines will be approved at local levels at the cross-border areas in Lithuania, Poland and Kaliningrad oblast of Russia.

At the end of last week the Team Leader of ‘Crossroads 2.0’ Project (activity 1.2.1), Alexey Trotsak (the Senior Research Scientist of the I. Kant University) and the Project Expert, Aleksandra Kocialkowska (the President for the European Foundation for Monuments Protection in Gdansk) had an official meeting in Gdansk. The participants of the meeting emphasized the need for comprehensive legislative regulations for tourist activities in the lagoon areas. They reached conclusion that clear and comprehensive information about cultural monuments would help to encourage the required investments. The meeting ended with the development of structural framework for future Guidelines, which will become the basis for each party in their further study of tourism development prospects at the lagoon areas.

It should be mentioned that the International Project ‘Crossroads 2.0’ was launched this year at the initiative of the I. Kant Baltic Federal University.  The International Project united the efforts of 13 partners from the Kaliningrad oblast and its neigbouring countries in pursuance of its overall objective – explore culture, nature and life in the adjacent areas. Considering different nature of tourist industry in Kaliningrad oblast, Lithuania and Poland, common algorithm should be developed to help entrepreneurs in their decision making for finding efficient market niche to cover different tourist routes and carry on their business in each particular area.

I. Kant Baltic Federal University jointly with the Kaliningrad Regional Ministry for Tourism is currently developing their recommendations for the Kaliningrad oblast. This activity is implemented with contribution of the following partners: ‘Zelenogradsky Region’ Municipality, University of Klaipeda, and the European Foundation for Monuments Protection (Poland). Also external specialists are involved in the development process together with the said Project partners, including experts in regional economy and tourism, business owners, public officials from legislative and executive authorities of different government level.

In July Zelenogradsk will host international Roundtable Meeting for the ‘development of recommendations on how to involve SMEs in tourism development at lagoon areas’. The conference will enable its participants to cover various issues under the said topic and to develop procedure for solving controversial problems.

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