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On April 28th 2013 the Ministry of regional development of Poland sanctioned the launch of another large scale project “Integrated Development and Implementation of the New Waste Water Treatment Facilities for the Reduction Pollution of the Baltic Sea” by signing the Grant Contract for co-financing of the activities within the project.

The Project will definitely contribute to the sustainable use of environment on the cross-border territory of Russia and Poland by improvement of waste water treatment facilities. The beneficiary of the action – municipal administration of Mamonovo town district of the Russian Federation and its partner – Sopot municipal authority from Poland – will get substantial sum of 5.987.165 euro for co-financing the activities aimed at improvement of ecological situation on the target area. The grant makes up for 90% of the total budget of the Action.
The existing wastewater collection and treatment systems in Mamonovo provide restricts sustainable economic development of the municipality and causes severe damage to the environment of the region. Sewerage network has insufficient capacity and poor condition of gravity and pressure pipes. Effluent quality is far apart of Russian as well as EU norms. Therefore Mamonovo is one of the major pollution sources for the Vistula Lagoon. Remarkable number of households is not connected to sewerage system and discharges wastewater into numerous septic tanks. Those septic tanks are regularly emptied with transportation of wastes to the existing wastewater treatment plant which leads to sustainable pollution and, consequently, poor living conditions for the residents of the area and economic problems constraining industrial development, coastal fishery and tourism development.
Thus the overall objective of the project is in contributing towards protection and improvement of environment in the cross-border area through sustainable development of the coastal region and reduction of eutrophication in Kaliningrad Gulf/Vistula Lagoon and Bay of Gdansk coastal waters. The objective is planned to achieved by creating possibilities for full treatment of all wastewater discharged by municipal and industrial activity in Mamonovo municipality using a new wastewater treatment plant and developing a wastewater management system in cross-border area introducing EU approach of water consumption, wastewater collection and treatment as well as elaborating legal and environmental regulators in order to promote economic sustainability along with environmental effects in operation of water utilities in cross-border area.
The efforts of project implementators will affect such a wide range of target groups as population of participating regions, experts in waste water systems and ecological development who will gain new experience participating in project activities, 50 employees of Mamonovo municipality involved into operation of water and wastewater utilities, about 340 000 inhabitants of the coastal area who particularly will get better living conditions due to clearer water and prospective development of economic activities.

Main activities of the project were divided into three groups – soft type, infrastructural type and promotional:
1.    Activities aimed at smooth project management.
2.    Organization of kick-off meeting in Mamonovo.
3.    Organization of 2 study tours for Mamonovo team in Sopot (Poland).
4.    Development of the report on efficient wastewater management.
5.    Organization of conference on Baltic Sea protection in wastewater treatment context.
6.    Organization of final (closing) meeting in Mamonovo.
7.    Preparing the territory for works, setting out the site.
8.    Implementation of external water pipes and wastewater collectors.
9.    Installation of sewage purification facilities – the new package Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP).
10.    Installation of pumping facility – the new wastewater Pumping Station (PS).
11.    Implementation of power supply system components.
12.    Implementation of transport and communication objects.
13.    Improvement of territory, landscaping.
14.    Construction and removal of interim (temporary) buildings and utilities.
15.    Associated works in construction process: supervision, site insurance, plants commissioning.
16.    Printing of promotional materials: leaflets, folders, articles.
17.    Installation of information boards.
18.    Maintenance of the Mamonovo web-site and production of TV-sketch.

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