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Extension of the section Gołdap-Kowale Oleckie will be next step of the national road no. 65 modernization, after constructing of ring-roads of three cities (Gołdap, Olecko and Ełk). Investment is co-financed by the European Union and Russian Federation (European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument)) within the The Lithuania-Poland-Russia Cross-border Cooperation Programme 2007-2013.

Reconstructed national road no. 65 will ensure better transport connection with Kaliningrad Region and together with already existing ring-road of Gołdap will form 20 km of new road. New surface, harden roadside and pavements for pedestrians will improve not only comfort, but most of all safety of all users of the road. It is expected, that as the result of the action number of the accidents will be reduced by 10% and number of mortal casualties by 15%. Co-financing from EU funds equals 10 mln EUR.

It is an interesting fact, that before the construction works will start for good, Land Forces Training Centre from Poznań will attempt to dig out the armored vehicle coming from the period of II world war, which is situated at present inside the embankment of the road.

According to relations of local residents, soon after the war kids were able to dig down to the vehicle and even get inside. This information is confirmed by most experienced employees of road administration responsible for this section of the road. Reports about the object situated below the structure of the road are also verified by geo-radar explorations and field observation performed by road laboratory in Olsztyn. According to decision of Regional Heritage Conservator, the vehicle has to be excavated, examined and preserved. This task will be performed by Land Forces Training Centre from Poznań, by which acts Museum of Armor.

Extension of the road will be carried out by company Strabag, which declared to perform the task for the lowest price of 53.995.950,61 zł and in shortest time, till 5th of July 2014. After the modernization maximum load of the Road will be equal to 115 kN/axle. The Road will be 8 meters wide, with two lanes 3,5 m wide, and 0,5 m of bituminous roadside on each side. 

Action includes inter alia:

• reconstruction and reinforcement of surface of 15,6 km of road

• widening of the road

• reconstruction of crossroads

• building and reconstruction of bus bays

• building and reconstruction of pavements

• regulation of storm drainage

• reconstruction of existing technical infrastructure devices

• building and reconstruction of lighting

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