Lithuania-Poland-Russia ENPI Cross-border Cooperation Programme 2007-2013
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Within the limits of fulfillment of contractual obligations between administration of municipal formation Ozersk District and Kętrzyn Community under the international project “Health is the most important - health prophylactic of inhabitants in Oziersk and Kętrzyn Community” (ILPR.02.02.00-28-151/10-00) the first signed local government contract for independent audit of financial activity of municipality in the project with limited company “Baltiyskiy Centr Audita”. Within the limits of the same project administration also signed municipal contract for the delivery of mobile scanner for ultrasonic examination. Ozersk Central District Hospital will train one specialist to work on the equipment in accordance with another municipal contract signed between Hospital and district administration. After the training 1000 women will be medically examined in order to detect female oncological diseases with further appointment of several samples for pathology report.

Within the project “Sport education on cross-border territory - preparation and building of sports stadiums in Ketrzyn Community and Ozersk” (ILPR.02.02.00-28-126/10-00) municipal contract with the store chain “Planeta Sport” was signed for the delivery of sports equipment and sport uniforms worth 725.000,00 Rubles. Starting price for the sale by the tender was 839.850,00 Rubles thus 114.850,00 Rubles were saved. Municipal contract for expenditure verification also was signed in this project.
First of the four international children’s camps foreseen in the budget of the project “Active youth makes the monuments alive” (ILPR.02.01.00-20-150/10-00) was closed with gala concert, which was organized by Lithuanian partner in camp Gintaras, that is situated not far from Kalvaria town. Towns of Ozersk, Kalvaria and Polish Suvalki were presented by 14th children each, who were trained in the basics of clay modeling, woodcarving, sharpened their drawing and photography skills was were acquainted with the ethnos of their cross-border neighbors. Apart from this several excursions were done for the participants of the camp session.

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