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The last Grant Contract for co-financing of the activities of the large scale project “Ecological improvement of the river Neman – construction of waste water collection and treatment infrastructure in Skirsnemunė town in Jurbarkas district (Lithuania) and in Neman city (Russia)” has been signed. The Beneficiary of the project – Administration of Jurbarkas District Municipality (Lithuania) and its partner – Administration of Neman District Municipality (Russia) – will get substantial sum of 8,140,000.00 euro for co-financing the activities aimed at improvement of ecological situation of the target area. The total budget of project is 17,275,042.44 euro and the grant makes up 47,12 % of the total budget of the project.

The project is aiming to contribute towards improvement of the ecological conditions (waste water treatment) and living conditions (water supply situation) of the population of the river Neman basin and Baltic Sea. Project results are focused on reducing inland water pollution of the Neman river and improving the situation of nature protection on both border sides – the Republic of Lithuania and the Russian Federation (Kaliningrad region). Improving water supply situation and living conditions of the population of border area region also is a part of overall project’s objective.

Greatest part of finances and efforts during the project implementation will be dedicated to the building of infrastructure and the following results are planned to achieve:
-    Sewage system (13,460 km of sewage pipes) and water supply system (7,690 km of water supply pipes) constructed in town of Skirsnemunė (Lithuania);
-    Watering station equipped with 112 m deep artesian well constructed in town of Skirsnemunė (Lithuania);
-    The truck with the container handling equipment for sludge transportation from wastewater treatment facilities purchased for existing Jurbarkas sludge recycling plant (Lithuania);
-    Wastewater treatment facility with the maximum load of 5748 cu m/ day constructed to ensure collection and treatment of waste water in the city of Neman (Russian Federation, Kaliningrad region).

Established contacts, experience of cooperation achieving common ideas and results in project implementation process will have a positive impact on the development of the border area regions and will provide the basis for further cooperation in the future.

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