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On the 6th of September 2013 Branch Office in Vilnius of Joint Technical Secretariat of Lithuania-Poland-Russia ENPI Cross-Border Cooperation Programme 2007-2013 invited all people interested in cross-border cooperation to a trip across Lithuania to find out more about common Lithuanian, Polish and Russian projects.

More than 40 representatives of non-governmental organisations from Vilnius region and all other people interested in Lithuanian, Poland and Russia cooperation, including representatives from Lithuanian journalist’s union and media gathered together to visit projects on a bus tour and to get to know more about the Programme’s projects in Marijampolė, Kazlų Rūda and Pagėgiai municipalities.

The bus tour started in Vilnius and first stop was at Kaunas Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts Marijampolė Branch, where Andrius Jasinskis, Director of the branch and Eglė Dorelaitė, project‘s local activities coordinator, presented the project “Create4Compete – Creativity for boosting Competence and Competitiveness”. The participants gathered in the conference room renovated with co-financing of the Programme, actively asked questions about services, activities and implemented projects by the organization. Experienced and well trained couchers Povilas Petrauskas and Oleg Kovrikov revealed that couching is disclosure of unused resources, setting of personal and professional (business) goals and achieving them in the future.

After that the participants of the project bus tour were welcomed by the Marijampolė Petras Kriaučiūnas Public Library, where they have found out about implemented project “Cooperation in building up a library for family”, of which main idea that modem library is the place for community meetings. Daiva Kirtiklienė, director of the Marijampolė Petras Kriaučiūnas Public Library, presented the project, showed around the renovated facilities and Alma Stočkuvienė, Project coordinator and senior methodologist, presented modern Multicentras of the Library.

On the road to Pagėgiai participants visited small vilage Ąžuolų Būda, where Valdas Kazlas, Director of Administration of Kazlų Rūda Municipality, presented the project “Partnership for the protection of waters of the cross-border area of Lithuania, Poland and Russia” and Marius Laurinavičius, representative of the construction company UAB „Inžineriniai tinklai”, showed and told to the participants the modern sewage treatment facilities in Ąžuolų Būda.

Last visited object was Pagėgiai regional tourism information Center in Vilkyškiai, which is
currently renovated by the Administration of Pagėgiai Municipality implementing the project “Development of tourism information system and cultural tourism infrastructure in Pagegiai-Sovetsk cross-border region”. Loreta Razutienė, Head of the Economical development division of Pagėgiai municipality, presented the activities and planned results of the project. Liudvika Burzdžiuvienė, director of Martynas Jankus museum, presented tourism objects of Pagegiai region and explained why it is so important to have this Center in Vilkyškiai.

The project bus tour was an inspiring experience for both tour organisers and participants. Vilnius Branch Office of the Joint Technical Secretariat of the Programme got to know what exactly is interesting for people not living in the projects area, what they understand about the impact of the projects financed by the Programme when they read in the media or hear on TV or radio. Many participants expressed their gratitude and admiration both about the project bus tour, its organisation, interesting programme, and the impact of the Programme for the cross-border cooperation between Lithuania, Poland and Russia (Kaliningrad Region). As one of the participants told: “if not the enthusiastic and highly motivated organisers many of these people wouldn’t have find out about these beautiful places in Lithuania changed with efforts of local municipalities and other organisations and with financial contribution of the European Union”.

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