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The final chord of the contracting process within the limits of the first call for proposals became really load and festive – Joint Managing Authority sanctioned the launch of one of the large scale projects aimed at overall accessibility improvement – “Reconstruction of the section of the motor road “Kaliningrad-Mamonovo II (Novoselovo village) state border of the Poland Republic”.

The Grant Contract in the amount totaling 9.000.000,00 Euro of European Union’s and Russian Federation’s contribution was signed with the State public institution of the Kaliningrad region “Administration of road facilities of the Kaliningrad region”. Elaborating the scope of main activities beneficiary decided to engage two other partners ensuring the international character of the project. One of them became the Ministry for infrastructure development of the Kaliningrad region (Russia). It was chosen as the resource for providing smooth administrative decisions connected with the implementation of the Action.The other partner – General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways, Olsztyn Division – presents Republic of Poland.

The overall objective of the project consists in contribution to the increase of intensity of use of the Trans European transport corridor 1-A “Riga-Kaliningrad-Gdansk” by cargo and passengers carriers including transit ones through improvement of the motorway and cross-border infrastructure. Specific objectives of this particular project became main steps for reaching this goal. Beneficiary is planning to contribute towards the improvement of the quality and carrying capacity of the motorway Kaliningrad-Mamonovo II (Novoselovo village) – state border of the Poland Republic between 24.7 and 25.629 kilometers of this route. Also by the end of project activities carrying load-carrying capacity of the bridge in the 22.6 km of the motorway Kaliningrad-Mamonovo II (Novoselovo village) – state border of the Poland Republic will be significantly improved.

It is hard to underestimate the political and economic significance of the reconstructed motorway. This part of the road is playing an important logistic role connecting cargo and passenger-carrying traffic between Kaliningrad region and Europe. Its condition influences on accessibility of the region for the European Union countries. Improved road conditions can help to reduce transportation expenses, decrease the damage from the road traffic accidents and environmental harm by decreasing of the volume of exhaust gas emission per one vehicle due to the increase of the driving speed from 70 km/hour to 90 km/hour. New bridge will provide safe traffic for all kinds of transport including heavy and large vehicles. Renovated road also will have positive psychological effect on internationals and locals giving them the impression of safety, stability and attentiveness to their needs helping to improve the overall image of the country.

Beneficiary went beyond the bounds of sheer investment project. Except infrastructural activities such as works for preparation of constructing site, land works for installation of roadway drainage and pipe culvert, renovation of the bridge, construction of road dressing on the ready road bed, building of auxiliary road facilities (road signs, guard rails, road marking) action plan of the project includes various “soft” activities – working group meetings and public events.

Main activities of the project are as follow:

1)    Organization and conduction of kick-off conference in Kaliningrad for 40 participants to symbolize the start of the project.

2)    Organization and conduction of four working group meetings in order to ensure coordination, supervision and management of the project activities.

3)    Organization and conduction of a tender procedure for choosing the general contractor for implementing of the infrastructural activities.

4)    Conduction of the preparatory constructing works – construction and installation of stands, removal of plant cover.

5)    Carrying out of land works – construction of the road bed, roadway drainage and pipe culvert.

6)    Construction of the bridge crossing on the 22.6 km of the existing motor road.

7)    Laying of road dressing on the ready-made road bed.

8)    Construction of the road facilities – fixing of the road signs, guard rails, road marking, putting of information stands with the logo of the Programme on continuing basis.

9)    Commissioning of the feature – putting of road into operation.

10)    Organization and conduction of the final project conference.

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