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The Provincial Integrated Hospital in Elbląg has been equipped with the innovative heart failure early telemedical detection system. It was acquired  under the Project titled „Development of modern emergency units by infrastructure modernization, extension of decision supporting systems and increasing the  quality of medical services provided based on the cross-border cooperation” (LPR1/010/089) within the framework of the Lithuania-Poland-Russia ENPI Cross-border Cooperation Programme.

The system consists of ZOLL Rescue Net Medgate telemedical server and ZOLL X Series defibrillators installed in the ambulances operated by the Medical Emergency Unit. The output of 12-lead ECG performed by means of a defibrillator is transmitted from an ambulance via mobile phone to the Rescue Net Medgate server. A cardiologist that is on duty at the Hemodynamic Laboratory may, after having been logged into the system, analyse the output of the ECG recorder and make decision on recommendation of further medical procedures. In case a developing heart failure is detected, a patient is recommended to undergo the procedure of increasing permeability of cardiac vessels (the so called coronary angioplasty treatment).

The system makes it possible to shorten the time from the first heart failure symptoms until implementation of reperfusion therapy. In accordance with the recommendations from the European Society of Cardiology and the European Resuscitation Council, this time should not be in excess of 90 minutes.

Implementation of this telemedical system in the region has increased the effectiveness of medical rescue operations and gives better chances for saving lives and health in the case of heart failures. Remote cardiac services are significant to support the Medica Rescue Teams, which is still more important when more and more often the medical rescue team members are not doctors.

Rescue Net Medgate System is an innovation operated by means of a local telemedical server providing for data transmission from ZOLL  defibrillators. Access to data is protected by a password and login that are required to log into the server on any computer (a PC, a laptop, a tablet). The system allows to browse through, retransmit, archive data as well as save patient’s medical records, comments, import images (RTG, USG) and medical examination and analysis outputs.

In the region the Medgate system will enable to  implement heart failure early detection system, which supports the performance of the Medical Rescue Teams by means of specialist cardiac  services and facilitating therapy-related decision making procedures.

It also bears noting that the ambulances in Elbląg are the first ones in Poland and one of the pioneering ones  in Europe to be equipped with the most innovative devices of that type – ZOLL X Series defibrillator. Concurrently the Provincial Integrated Hospital in Elbląg is the  first one in Poland to use the Rescue Net Medgate system by means of its local telemedical server.

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