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On the 31th of October to 6th November youth from Poland, Kaliningrad Oblast (Russia) and Lithuania gathered in Kėdainiai Multicultural Center (Lithuania) to participate in the partners meeting – creative camp which was conducted in the frame of the project “Borderland Atlantis – transborder cultural trail” (LPR1/010/156). They had not only participated in educational workshops, find out about Kėdainiai region history, archaeology, multicultural heritage and literature, Lithuanian ethnical culture and crafts, but had also visited School of Art, regional museum and main tourist objects.

This is the second partner meeting-creativity camp.  The first one took place in the rebuilt Czeslaw Miłosz relative’s mansion in Krasnogruda (Poland) on 1-11 of July. Main purpose of the Project is the creation of multicultural travel guide of Kėdainiai, Sejny and Kaliningrad regions through the examination of multicultural history of the region and creations of Czeslaw Miłosz, Antanas Baranauskas and Josif Brodski by the efforts of participated youth.

The last in the relay is Kaliningrad, which hopefully will host the event in the summer of 2014. Project’s final result – travel guide to these multicultural regions published. The authors of the publication will be youth participated in the project themselves, which will invite all interested to give a look into these three towns from the new and youthful perspective.

Project is implemented by Borderland Foundation (Poland) together with partners: Kedainiai Regional Museum (Lithuania), Kaliningrad regional organization of writers (Russia) and Center “Borderland of Arts, Cultures, Nations” (Poland).

Detailed report about the event and photo gallery can be found in the project‘s website:

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