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Who among us hasn’t seen a neighbor burning waste in a home oven, dirty grass with dogs excrements, washing a car in a river, complaining of boredom in a village …? And who of us did anything to opposite it? Very often we are witnesses of various egregious situations, we are willing to do something about it, but don’t know how. Maybe we are afraid, maybe ashamed?

Active and aware citizen – citizen with ecoiniciative – cares for the common good, is not indifferent to what is happening in his place of residence. Citizen with ecoiniciative has courage to react in a situation that bothers him. Citizen with ecoiniciative can engage in activities for natural environment, often initiates actions. 

The main task of the project “Citizens with Ecoiniciative” (project no LPR1/010/079) what is co-financed by the funds from the European Union in the framework of the ENPI Cross Border Cooperation Programme Lithuania-Poland-Russia 2007-2013 is trigger the responsibility in citizens for themselves, local society and surrounding natural environment. To care of something means to understand it, know it and love it. Therefore in our project we expand knowledge of nature and combine it with encouraging to social activeness. We educate eco-educators and support small societies in development of ecological education and social activeness.  

The nature does not know the administrative borders, therefore cooperation of partners in the project of Eco-Initiative Association form Kwidzyn and organization Ecodefense! from Kaliningrad allows to take actions for environment protection over the borders of both countries. Worsen state of avenues –important ecologic corridors, decline of old orchards from the landscape, losses of energy, the challenges in waste treatment, water pollution, bad consumers habits, low level of knowledge of environmental protection – there are the topics recognized by the participants of the project as key and actual issues for both sides of border. 

He have to wait one year more for the effects of the project but even now we can notice the major progress in the project:
- There is established accommodation premises in the community centre “Zaułek Benowo” in Benowo villiage. It is a place of meetings of educators and experts and held on trainings and workshops.
- There are trained 20 educators: 12 Polish and 8 Russians;
- There is established the network of educators: “Citizens with ecoinitiative”;
- There are created the scenarios of the lessons, which are going to be gathered in form of publication (September 2014);
- In education lessons participated 1400 persons in Poland and Kaliningrad Oblast.

More about the project you can read about on the website: 

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