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The Communication Tutorial for Beneficiaries and Partners has been amended regarding the visibility requirements of all promotional materials.

The sentence about the permanence of required visibility elements has been added to the chapter  “Main Communication Requirements of UE and Programme” (page 5):

“6. All promotional items, information materials, equipment, tools, commemorative plaques etc. produced within the project should be clearly and permanently marked with all visibility elements (EU logo, Program logo, co-financing information etc.) required for each kind of promotional material as panels, plaques, stickers, banners, leaflets, brochures, gadgets etc, described in details in the next part of the Communication Tutorial.”

For the convenience of all our Beneficiaries and Partners the Tutorial with Annexes have been also  transferred into word files.

Taking this opportunity we would like to remind all the Beneficiaries and Partners that each proof/layout of any promotional material should be sent for approval to respective BO or JTS (Information Officer) before production. The examples of ready items (or pictures of them) should be also sent to JTS after production.

Please do not hesitate to ask JTS team in case of any doubts or questions regarding visibility.

COMMUNICATION TUTORIAL download docx file (125 KB)

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