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After one year of reconstruction implementing the project “Cooperation in building up a library for family” the “Friendship” (Draugystė) branch of the Marijampolė Petras Kriaučiūnas Public Library opened its doors on the 27th of May.

Using project financial support the reconstruction of the building was implemented: the exterior of the building was renewed; internal spaces were equipped, dividing the space into different functional zones: mediathec, play corner, information and communication technology, meeting and learning zones. Funds of the library were enriched by new documents, records of movies and music, electronic and audio books. There are many technical and technological novelties in the library: six desk computers, containing graphic three-dimensional modelling and animation, creation of music, photo processing programmes, multimedia projector, two magnetic boards, video and conference cameras, interactive desk with installed education programmes. There is a small gallery for exhibitions. The website was created for cognition, partnership and cooperation. The library infrastructure is adopted for disabled persons, families with small children.

The participants of the opening were greeted by the Mayor of Marijampolė Vidmantas Brazys, representatives of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania, Vilnius Branch Office of the Joint Technical Secretariat of the Lithuania-Poland-Russia ENPI Cross-border Cooperation Programme 2007-2013. The project partner Chernyakhovsk municipal institution “Centralized Library System” (Kaliningrad region, Russia) could not participate in the opening, but sent sincere greetings from Zoja Pikalova, the director of the library. 

All city residents are welcome in the library where they can find interesting activities: they can spend their leisure time in cosy environment, participate in cultural events, express themselves in creative activities, and enjoy a good book, music or movie.

The photo exhibition “Moments of the family leisure time” by Vaidas Baranauskas is now exhibited in the library, on the 29th of May the meeting of the Club of Reading Families was held in the renovated library premises.

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