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On the 2nd of August Slavsk, the city in Kaliningrad oblast, was hosting the International Cross-border Cultural and Culinary Festival which became one of the vivid activities of the project ‘Support and Development of Rural Entrepreneurship: from local experience to cross-border cooperation’ under EC-financed Lithuania-Poland-Russia ENPI Cross-Border Cooperation Programme 2007-2013.

Numerous guests and participants of the Festival, making altogether over 700 persons, represented Kaliningrad oblast, Lithuania and Poland.

The Festival had an exciting programme including demonstration of arts and crafts, concert and International Culinary Contest. This brought to competition 3 teams, made of farmers, rural entrepreneurs and enthusiasts from Lithuania, Poland and Russia (9 persons). The contest was thematically called ‘On a picnic’ and was held under the slogan ‘Taste has no limits!’

The contest was pursuing an aim to promote culinary heritage of the cross-border areas in Lithuania, Poland and Russia; tighten cross-border links of rural population; contribute to favourable image of the cross-border areas. The contestants were demonstrating their skills at the open area in the Yuri Gagarin City Park.

The competing teams were provided with special uniform, working place (tents, cooking tables, barbecues), dishes, tools and food products (meat products, vegetables, herbs, vegetable oils, bread). They were competing in the following nominations: Grilled ready-made sausages, Vegetable salad, Grilled meat, Grilled stuffed sausages.

The international panel of judges was made of 7 persons including rural entrepreneurs, technologists, members of Slavsk Municipal Administration. The panel of judges was headed by the Chancellor of the Kaliningrad Agribusiness Retraining Institute and Project Coordinator, Victor Sergeyev. Key evaluation criteria were: quality, compliance with technological requirements, taste, palatability, presentation of the dishes and their design.

Polish team became the winner in categories Grilled meat and Vegetable salad. Lithuanian contestants were the best in category Grilled ready-made sausages, and the award in Grilled stuffed sausages went to the Russian team. The Festival ended in the presentation of awards to the contestants which was followed by a concert.

Building of leisure zone in Slavsk region was completed on the 6th of August. This project activity was intended to create favourable image and heighten the appeal of cross-border rural areas. The works included cleaning 0.6 ha body of water, de-eutrophication and grubbing of the shoreline, dredging and sanding the beach. Also bathing and fishing footbridge has been built followed by the stocking with fish.


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