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On 4-10 August the international youth sport camp was organised in Mociškiai (Pagėgiai municipality, Lithuania). In total 36 participants from Šilalė district (Lithuania), Pagėgiai municipality (Lithuania) and Sovetsk city (Kaliningrad district, Russian Federation) took part in the camp.

During the camp participants had possibility to get acquaint with Pagėgiai country, paddle canoes, they visited dolphinarium in Klaipėda, participated in tournaments of basketball and football, were trained by a professional trainer.

A seminar “A day with a star” was organised. During the seminar the famous sportsmen from Pagėgiai shared their thoughts on how to become famous and real sportsman.

Other amusements were organised. The participants of the camp also rehearsed a “flashmob” dance, which they presented during the official opening of sport fields in Pagėgiai on the 9th of August, 2014.


On the photos from the left:

Show programme; Youth with famous sportsmen of Pagėgiai country; Basketball tournament of camp participants; Project manager gives certificates to camp participants; Paddling canoes; At dolphinarium in Klaipėda; Boat trip on picturesque route.








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