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The JTS together with the Kaliningrad BO organized a LPR Projects Tour through the Kaliningrad Region for the local mass media. The tour took place on 4th of September 2014. During the trip the examples of the common Lithuanian-Polish-Russian projects were presented.

The first stop was a new City Ambulance Station. It changed itself lately beyond recognition. The old building was expanded and renovated and new ambulance cars were purchased. During reconstruction phase medical staff of substation was busy involved in teamwork with colleagues from Poland - ambulance men and doctors from Provincial Integrated Hospital in Elblag - providing cross-border cooperation in the field of medical first-aid.

All these investments were possible through the support of the European Union. 

Then participants of the Tour visited Regional Tourism Information Center. Before the project was launched in February 2013 local populations and guests of the cross-border region had very poor tourist information access. Since that time much was done to remedy this infamous situation. In the frame of the project several information tours were provided for representatives of tourist industry and mass media presenting both renowned and new tourist attractions and accommodation places, information desks distributing free information leaflets, event data-sheets and maps of the region were bought, 40 volunteers were trained. 

After visiting the Center participants went to the Museum Friedland Gate. The ancient walls of the Museum were renovated and it was equipped with multimedia. All these things became possible thanks to the participation in the project “Museums over the borders” under the Programme. 

The final stop of the Tour was reconstructed part of the  motor road Kaliningrad-Mamonovo II with its new bridge crossing of 806 meters length which will replace the so-called Chertov bridge. 

In the trip, among the others, took part representatives of "Kaskad" TV, Radio "Russky Kray" and "Baltic Plus", Interfax Agency and portal The information received during the Tour was wildly presented in local TV programs and Internet portals.


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