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At 6 p.m. on Friday, October 10th, the Exhibition hall of Klaipėda Culture Communication Centre (KCCC) at Didžioji Vandens street, 2, is to open exhibition ″9000 km″ as part of the project ″Close Stranger″ (ILPR.02.02.00-96-002/10-00). The exhibition reviews a social and cultural panorama of Russia as the result of work that Yevgeny Umansky, Kaliningrad-based curator, has carried out over many years.

The project title refers to the distance between the most remote West and East points of Russia – the cities of Kaliningrad and Vladivostok, and also describes the scale of the project. "9000 km" is a contrasting and very solid panorama of Russia that is enriched with eloquence and emotional strength, and that, of course, is not usually familiar to a statistical foreigner.

Yevgeny Umansky, the curator at Baltic Branch of the National Centre for Contemporary Arts in Kaliningrad – the outermost point of Russian West – initiated a socio-cultural study that included eight regions of Russia.

Each of the regions set up a creative team of artists, writers, journalists, and art critics. The participants raised and approached the relevant cultural or social problems in their area, which, in its turn, has inspired their contemporary art projects.

The declining "industrial animals" – the giant factories of the former Soviet Union, gradually turning into ruins; the decline of Yasnoye, a village in Kaliningrad region, that once was Kaukėnai, a flourishing town in East Prussia; the intensive Chinese immigration in the Russian Far East and the difficult life in St. Petersburg – a city that has always been a culture monument – are just a few of the motifs revealing before the eyes of those who travel the route proposed in the project.

The exhibition of the "9000 km" project is open at the KCCC Exhibition hall until November 9th, 2014.

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