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The final conference of the project “Promotion of international social relations in the Šilalė – Mamonovo municipalities through sport” (No. ILPR.02.02.00-72-019/10-00) took place on 6-7 November, 2014, in Šilalė. The conference was organized by the Beneficiary – Administration of Šilalė district municipality.Conference started with welcome performance of ensemble of kanklės’ (Lithuanian string instrument) teachers of the Šilalė art school. Mayor of Šilalė district municipality Jonas Gudauskas and Oleg Rodin, deputy head of Mamonovo town administration (Kaliningrad region, Russia) delivered welcome speeches and stressed importance of the project for both municipalities and cooperation of these municipalities, development of international relations.

Project manager Petras Punys presented the project: its aims, tasks, achievements, arisen problems and how they were solved, impact for the development of international social relations, he also demonstrated a short movie on the international sport camp, which took place in Šilalė.

Galina Isaevich, representative of Mamonovo town administration (Kaliningrad region, Russia Federation), presented implementation of the project in Mamonovo. There were also presentations on benefits of physical activity for health and its promotion, results on survey about health condition of schoolchildren in Šilalė, also projects implemented under the Lithuania-Poland-Russia ENPI Cross-border Cooperation Programme 2007-2013. 

Conference participants went to inspect the reconstructed stadium in Šialė, purchased supplies and equipment. On November 7 the excursion in Šilalė district took place, during which the impact of projects for health, leisure (including sport) and culture of residents of Šilalė district was demonstrated. 

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