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After last year’s success of the video contest, we decided that everyone’s creative input could be of great use to find a catchy slogan to complement the Interreg logo. The contest is open to everyone interested in participating. Not just Interreg programmes or projects, but all citizens of all ages from EU countries, candidate and potential candidate countries and neighbouring countriesare invited to submit their original, catchy slogan. In continuation of the branding process, INTERACT is now looking for an Interreg slogan to complement the logo which represents what Interreg is all about.


The winner of the slogan contest will be invited to the event '25 years of Interreg' which will take place on 15-16 September 2015 in Luxembourg to witness the live revelation of his or her slogan, interpreted and showcased by an artist. It could be yours! Everyone is invited to check out the EC Day website and to submit their slogan between 1 and 31 May. After a jury selection, public voting through Facebook between 1 to 31 July will decide who the winner is.


Official contest rules here.


Submit your slogan here!

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