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The final conference of the project “Building of sewerage and waste water treatment plants and construction of water supply networks in the border area between Kaliningrad region and Lithuania” (LRP/LSP/010/010) took place in Silale on the 20th and 21st of August 2015. Representatives of the project partners: Silale, Silute (Lithuania) and Slavsk (Russia) municipalities, as well as guests from Jurbarkas and Taurage municipalities (Lithuania) and the Joint Technical Secretariat and its Vilnius Branch Office took part in the event.

Representatives of the beneficiary – Slavsk municipality, and partners – Silale and Silute municipalities, presented their achievements and results. They thanked each other for successful cooperation. The participants actively discussed the future of cross-border cooperation and the possibilities to initiate new joint projects. The partners agreed, that it is very important to sustain fruitful working relations.
On the second day of the conference the participants visited the reconstructed sewage treatment plant of Pajuris settlement in Silale District. The inspected the new infrastructure in Pajuris and new artesian well with drinking water treatment and filtration systems and appreciated the taste and quality of water themselves.
According to the representative of the Silale municipal company “Silales Vandenys”, the drinking water of Pajuris settlement is of the best quality in the district for the moment.
2322 meters of new water supply were constructed and 377,5 m were reconstructed. 2095 m of sewage infrastructure were built, too.
The value of the construction works in Silale district is 1.967.118,17 Euro. The total EU funding to the project, which has been allocated under the Lithuania-Poland-Russia ENPI Cross-border Cooperation Programme 2007-2013 equals 6 686 470 mln. Euro.

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