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Independent Public Complex Tuberculosis and Lung Diseases in Olsztyn (Poland) together with the partner from Russian Federation – State Budgetary Healthcare Institution of the Kaliningrad region «City Hospital #3» - will realize cross-border welfare project under the title “Healthy lungs for one and all” under the Priority 2 - Pursuing social, economic and spatial development, Measure 2.2. – Development of human potential by improvement of social conditions, governance and educational opportunities. Total budget of the project is 1 million Euros.

The decision to contract this project for co-financing was taken in May 2012. On August … 2012 it was signed for implementation by the JMA (Ministry of Regional Development of Poland) and countersigned by the applicant on August … 2012.

The project aims to decrease rates of mortality and morbidity caused by respiratory diseases, including tuberculosis, within the core areas of the Programme. In this regards it is foreseen to achieve several specific objectives:

• Formation of Cross-Border Pulmonology Center in Olsztyn (Poland) starting from standard construction activities up to equipment of the center with all necessary medical and accompanying apparatuses. Establishment of the Center in Olsztyn is aimed, in addition to supporting the ongoing activities of both partner hospitals, at creating a place where it will be possible to exchange experiences in the field of control of different respiratory diseases, including tuberculosis, between specialists from other countries, i.e. through organizing there of various international events.

• Formation of a modern diagnostic and analytical laboratory in Hospital #3 in Kaliningrad (Russia). The premises of the existing laboratory will be subjected to the substantial renovation and modernization after which it is planned to organize its material-technical base by purchasing of the medical equipment for optimization of the therapeutic and diagnostic processes. In the result of these activities it will be possible to use laboratory for experience exchange events by the personnel of two partner hospitals.

• Improvement of the knowledge and skills of employees of both healthcare institutions within the field of prevention of respiratory diseases, including tuberculosis through joint training actions also on the basis of new Pulmonology Center and renovated diagnostic laboratory.

Such ambitious targets were inspired by the alarm situation of the respiratory diseases’ rates in the cross-border regions partly reasoning in the old-fashioned modernization-demanding welfare system partly due to the specific climate of the Baltic Sea coast. It is safe to say that final beneficiary of the project is the whole population of supported regions - Warmia-Masuria Province of Poland and Kaliningrad Region of Russia.

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