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On 4 September 2012 Grant Contract for 3 599 661,60 Euro of the Programme co-financing has been countersigned by the JMA of the Programme (Ministry of Regional Development of Poland) and the Autonomous Public Health Maintenance Organization “J. Śniadecki Voevodship Polyclinical Hospital” in Bialystok (Poland). Total eligible costs for the project make almost 4 million Euros.

Project “Development of Co-operation in Order to Improve Health Safety of the Population of the Russian – Lithuanian – Polish Borderland” was submitted during the first call for proposals under Priority 2 Pursuing social, economic and spatial development, Measure 2.2 Development of human potential by improvement of social conditions, governance and educational opportunities and was approved for contracting in May this year.
The overall objective of the project is to impart new standards of cooperation between Polish, Lithuanian and Russian doctors which will contribute to development of telemedicine as an effective tool in diagnostics of patients in the borderline area.

The main goal will be realized through achieving such specific objectives as:

• Creating conditions for the development and improvement of digital diagnostics skills of doctors by purchasing specialist medical equipment. Purchased apparatuses will help to improve skills and knowledge of medical personnel of all partner healthcare institutions. The main idea of this action is to install such type of equipment that can be successfully used long after the project finalization.

• Increase of level of patients’ safety by reducing negative effects of medical exams. The main negative feature of poorly financed health care system is outdated equipment which is still in use for diagnosing of the patients in all partner hospitals. Furthermore, x-ray examination carried out on old and worn out equipment may in the future cause health problems as the result inappropriate radiation. Purchasing new, state of art equipment will enable making better quality diagnostics and consequently making faster and more correct diagnosis.

Due to the overall socially useful objective of the project it will definitely have positive effect not only for medical specialists of the partner healthcare organizations but also for the wider layers of inhabitants and visitors of cross-border area.

The Lithuania – Poland – Russia Programme
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