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Community of Kętrzyn (Poland) and its partner - Municipality of Ozyorsk Area (Kaliningrad region of Russia) – are ready to launch the project aimed on health improvement of the population - “Health is the most important – health prophylactic of inhabitants in Ozyorsk and Kętrzyn Community”. In accordance of the signed Grant Contract conditions beneficiary receives 195,988.10 Euro of EU financing for implementation of the project and also should invest its own financial resources to fulfill the main principle of the Programme. Thus the total budget of the action is 217,764.56 Euro.

Overall objective of the project is oriented on the cooperation between Kętrzyn (Poland) and Ozersk district (Russia) specifically oriented at health improvement of the citizens of two regions. Among its specific objective are the prevention campaigns and health education oriented at health improvement, increase in the number of medically examined persons, renovation of Community Medical Point in Parcz and School Nurse's Cabinet in Biedaszki as well as purchasing of additional equipment for doctors’ offices and school nurses’ station in Kętrzyn and hospital in Ozyorsk.

These goals are planned to be achieved during the project implementation period:

1. Printing of leaflets and brochures about the risks and causes of cancer. Information will be presented in two project languages – Polish and Russian, and further distributed among the target groups of the project – inhabitants of Kętrzyn Community (Poland) and Ozyorsk District (Russia).

2. Organization of international seminar on health and health prevention in Kętrzyn integrated into the opening conference of the project.

3. Organization of 2-days study visits – first to Kętrzyn and Olsztyn, then to Ozyorsk – for 28 representatives of medical profession for better understanding of the local health infrastructure conditions.

4. Organization of information anti-cancer campaign which will consist of 10 meetings with youth and 10 meetings with adults from rural community centers in various locations of Kętrzyn and Ozyorsk districts. Participants will get important information on the symptoms of cancer diseases and measures for its prevention in verbal and written form – they will be provided with necessary lectures and printing materials.

5. One doctor from Ozyorsk will have a training to improve his medical qualification.
6. Renovation of premises and purchase of additional medical equipment.

7. Organization of series of medical examinations (“White Saturdays”) for the residents of two partner regions which will be carried by several medical commission including gynecologist, urologist, pediatrician, otolaryngologist, optician.

8. Organization of closure conference for summarizing of the project results, identifying further preventive measures and signing the Cooperation Agreement between Kętrzyn Community and Ozyorsk District.

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