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Project titled “Lagoons as crossroads for tourism and interactions of peoples of South-East Baltic: from the history to present” or shortly (CROSSROADS 2.0) has been recently signed by the Joint Managing Authority in the name of the Polish Ministry of regional development and Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University (Russia). This project can be called the record-breaking one as it unites 13 Partner organizations from Russia, Poland and Lithuania, which are represented by educational institutions, cultural facilities, municipal administrations and non-commercial associations aimed at social, cultural and scientific development. Project will be implemented during next 24 months and it will be contributing to Measure 2.1 – tourism development. Total eligible costs of the action are 1 840 847.80 Euro. 1 656 763.02 Euro will be co-financed by European Union.

The  project is aimed at improving the attractiveness of Lithuania-Poland-Kaliningrad region cross-border area adjacent to the Curonian and Vistula lagoons in order to raise the tourist inflow. Among the steps to reach this objective are the following ones:

• preparation and implementation of small-scale investments into development and renovation of existing and creation of new objects of innovative tourism infrastructure, which became possible due to the rich and unique common cultural and historical heritage of the cross-border area and focuses on contribution to the general regional growth;

• strengthening of the collaboration between individuals, non-governmental organizations and local authorities and support of joint actions in the sphere of development, promotion and quality improvement of the tourist products in the area;

• implementation of joint actions aimed at protection and sustainable use of cultural and historical heritage in the areas.

Project will address several target groups and final beneficiaries which include population of the cross-border areas and potential tourists from different countries as well as  students and academicians working in the field of cultural and historic research, tourist agencies and local authorities of the cross-border area.

Main activities to be implemented during the period of project implementation are listed below:

1. Construction of the open-air museum of the Viking epoch on the territory of Kaliningrad region (Russia). Renovation of the open-air museum “Fishing Farmstead” in Neringa municipality of Lithuania. Preparation of the technical documentation for construction of open-air museums of Ancient Prussia in Olsztynek (Poland) and in Lithuanian part of Curonian spit.

2. Preparation of recommendations for SMEs’ development in coastal zone of lagoons area which activity includes the elaboration of recommendations and its further approval and promotion during such public events as international round table and several partner working visits. Newsletter containing the recommendations will be issued in the form of a leaflet.

3. Organization of several interactive tourist products (events), i.e. festival of historic reconstruction and music and “days of ancient handicrafts”. Action foresees organization of several preparatory partner seminars and working meetings. The results of this activity will crystallise into a newsletter which also will describe general progress of the project.

4. Development of 4 new cross-border water tourist routs under the brand “Crossroads of the lagoons of the South-Eastern Baltic” within Vistula and Curonian lagoons.

5. Elaboration and organization of the study courses for guides and museum workers of the project area for increase of their qualification with further publication of tutorials for guides and translators dealing with tourism within the project area.

6. Development of new and updating of existing exhibitions concerning maritime cultural landscape of the project area with further making of their e-versions.

7. Preparation and issuing of two catalogues - “Cultural and historical heritage objects located in the cross-border area of Lithuania, Poland and Kaliningrad region of Russia adjacent to the Curonian and Vistula lagoons” and “Traditions of the peoples of the cross-border area of Lithuania, Poland and Kaliningrad region of Russia adjacent to the Curonian and Vistula lagoons”.

8. Elaboration and approving of the Common strategy and Action Plan for sustainable use of natural, cultural and historical heritage within the lagoons area. It will be done through series of public events including joint partner workshops and working visits. Later two documents will be actively promoted among concerned audiences during several international seminars.

9. Organization of training seminars and archaeological excavations in Poland and Russia for students and academicians from Poland, Lithuania and Kaliningrad region following the general educational aim. The results of the activity will be given during the one-day international workshop in Kaliningrad (Russia) and one-day international conference in Olsztyn (Poland). Several working visits will also be organized in order to promote and interchange the main findings of the excavations.

10. Preparation and publication of two informational-scientific books “Tales, Myths and legends of Ancient Prussia” and "Peoples of the South-Eastern Baltic in the Viking epoch" in English, Polish, Lithuania and Russian languages.

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