Lithuania-Poland-Russia ENPI Cross-border Cooperation Programme 2007-2013
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Grant Contract for 3.8 million Euro of ENPI Lithuania-Poland-Russia CBC Programme co-financing has been countersigned with municipality of Górowo Iławeckie in Poland. Infrastructural project “The cross-border areas and cooperation development supported by the construction of sports infrastructure in Górowo Iławeckie (Poland) and Bagrationovsk (Russia)” will develop the human potential by improving social conditions and educational opportunities specifically by providing modern educational and social sport infrastructure on the cross-border area and integration of the community from these areas through joint organization and realization of several sports events. Main goal of the project is to create dynamic, educated, healthy and safe society by solving the problems arising from the insufficient accessibility of the social and educational infrastructure, and improvement of the quality of the sports education and integration of the population of the project areas.

Main actions of the project include:

1. Establishment of the project office (equipment and recruitment) for smooth control of the activities’ implementation.

2. Construction of a municipal stadium on Górowo Iławeckie (Poland) with its further equipment with essential sport implements and necessary furniture.

3. Construction of a fully functioning sports hall in Bagrationovsk (Russia).

4. Organization of one three-day sport event in Górowo Iławeckie (Poland) for Russian and Polish football, volleyball and basketball teams.

5. Organization of the return three-day event in such team sports as football, volleyball and basketball in Bagrationovsk (Russia).

6. Publication of a book “15 years of the cross-border cooperation of partners self-government bodies Municipality Górowo Iławeckie and Bagrationovsk District” to sum up the period of development and changes in common actions from 1996 to 2011 and prospects for 2014-2020. Main focus will be made on the project implementation in the abovementioned regions describing the course of action and its goals and impact.

7. Promotional measures will be carefully divided between the partners. Polish side will be in control of the project website maintenance, local press announcements, creation of promotional film and TV commercials on the project and producing of different promotional materials. Russian partners will be implementing the promotional measures concerning the Russian speaking target groups and final beneficiaries.

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