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Conference proves: Programme’s got ambition
On the 6th of December 2012 the third annual conference of the Programme was held in Klaipėda, Lithuania. Around 100 persons attended the conference. Klaipėda was chosen as the city of the third annual conference of the Programme to close the Baltic Sea chain of the famous cities of Lithuania, Poland and Russia situated at the sea cost. In 2010 the first conference was held in Sopot (Poland) and in 2011 it was organised in Kaliningrad (Russia).


Sea – uniting and innovating factor

This time the organisers of the conference (the Joint Technical Secretariat and its Lithuanian Branch Office) have proposed to the participants the overwhelming maritime concept of the event. The location, the interior of the venue of the conference, the introductory presentation, the promotion gadgets and the agenda were all adapted to the sea theme. The event was also aimed at giving the project implementers some hints and examples of how the promotion of their projects could be made interesting, impressive and outstanding. The event started with a presentation of the historian of the Lithuanian Sea Museum from Klaipėda Mr. Romas Adomavičius. He introduced the international sea-flag communication, stressing that when there is a need for cooperation, linguistic barriers can be easily overcome. He also presented the history of sailor knots and showed how to make the most frequently used knots. The conference participants from Lithuania, Poland and Russia had the chance to themselves try the flag communication and knot-making.

Good winds for Programme in 2012

The official part of the conference was moderated by the Head of the Joint Technical Secretariat, Ms. Małgorzata Woźniak, who greeted the participants and emphasized the progress in the Programme made in 2012. The participants of the conference were addressed by the representatives of the Polish, Lithuanian and Russian authorities. Mr. Rafał Baliński, the representative of the Joint Managing Authority of the Programme (Ministry of Regional Development of the Republic of Poland) expressed the belief that all the projects, approved for funding under the Programme, would prove their significance and positive impact on the cross-border area. He thanked the Beneficiaries who have already submitted all the necessary documentation, which allowed the Joint Managing Authority to conclude the contracts with them. He ensured that the Joint Technical Secretariat and its Branch Offices in Lithuania, Poland and Russia will assist beneficiaries in project implementation. He also reminded that in accordance with the deadline set in the Programme all projects must be fully implemented until December 31, 2014. Moreover, the key new features of legal framework that will apply to cross-border cooperation programmes under European Neighbourhood Instrument post 2013 were outlined.
The representative of the Lithuanian National Authority (the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Lithuania) Mr. Gediminas Česonis expressed his strong belief that despite some stumbling at the initial phase of the Programme, it will achieve impressive results, because the Programme implementing bodies and the project implementers had put all their efforts to make the implementation of the Programme possible and smooth. Mr. Dmitry Gorshkov from the Russian National Authority (Ministry of Regional Development of the Russian Federation) revealed the plans of the Russian Federation regarding the future 2014-2020 period of the European Partnership Instrument. He stressed that the Russian Federation has chosen supporting the split of the current Programme into two bilateral programmes: Lithuania-Russia and Poland-Russia. Ms. Justyna Jakubowska from the Joint Managing Authority of the Programme (Ministry of Regional Development of the Republic of Poland) made a presentation about the progress of the Programme. The majority of the Grant Contracts is about to be signed by the end of this year. Ms. Jakubowska expressed the hope of continuation of this positive trend in the next years. In the next presentation Ms. Jurgita Mačiūnaitė from the Joint Technical Secretariat gave some insights into the process of project contracting (preparation for signing of the Grant Contract), highlighted lessons learned and summarized expected outputs of on-going projects.

From visions to project results

Then the presentations of 5 projects followed. The presentations were made jointly by the projects and the Project Managers of the Joint Technical Secretariat assigned to them. Mr. Darius Kontvainis from the Joint Technical Secretariat presented general information on the Large Scale Projects. Mr. Remigijus Lipkevičius from the Lithuanian Road Administration under the Ministry of Transport and Communications presented main aim and results to be achieved during the implementation of the large scale project “Construction of Panemunė and Sovetsk by-pass with a Bridge over Neman River” with the largest budget of 17,3 million euros. Mrs. Małgorzata Kowalewska from the Gmina of the Town of Sopot presented the Large Scale Project “Protection of the Baltic Coastal Water “NEFA BALT II” which involves Gmina Tolkmicko from Poland and Municipality of Mamonovo from Kaliningrad District (Russia) and aims at improving living conditions of local population and increasing of tourism attractiveness of the cross-border region by protection and improvement of the coastal water area in the South Baltic (Bay of Gdańsk and Vistula Lagoon/Kaliningrad Gulf). Three projects from the 1st Call for Proposals were also presented. Marina Kislyak, Project Manager from Joint Technical Secretariat  followed by Mrs. Natalia Moroz from N. I. Moroz Non-governmental (Private) Institution of General Education shared first results of the project aiming to use innovative methods and approaches in basic school education, which aims to educate healthy young generation and use teaching techniques adopted for different temperaments of schoolchildren in neighbouring countries.
Mr. Paweł Natkaniec from the Joint Technical Secretariat and Ms. Beata Sokolowska from the Pisz District Municipality expressed their joy of being the first project and first Beneficiary which has signed the Grant Contract and started to implement the project together with partners from Lithuania and Kaliningrad District. Ms. Jurgita Maciunaite, Project Manager from Joint Technical Secretariat and Ms. Lina Valatkė from Klaipėda Regional Customs Office presented the problem of crossing the state border between Lithuania and Russia (Kaliningrad District) and the joint project which will enable Panemunė and Kybartai international Border Control Points to ensure modern and efficient customs control process, to reduce traffic queues, to provide better exchange of expeditiously data and improved conditions for international trade and business.

Conferences can be interesting and useful

After the official part of the conference was over, the hosts of the second part of the event: the Information Officer of the Joint Technical Secretariat Mrs. Aleksandra Makowiecka and the Team Leader of the Lithuanian Branch Office Mr. Giedrius Surplys invited everyone for a boat trip in the Curonian Lagoon. This exercise, as they both joked, was aimed at giving the participants a chance to spend some time with each other in the premises they could not escape from. The participants of the conference had the chance of learning more about the Lithuanian “sea-gate” Klaipėda and to actually visit the sea gate. They also were given some hints about making the events like conferences or seminars more lively and memorable. At the end of the event, many of its participants acknowledged that it had been a great opportunity to meet their partners and the representatives of the Programme management bodies. They said that their belief in the successful implementation of the Programme had risen significantly and they were ready to impress with the achievements of their projects in the next annual conference of the Programme.



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