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Project with the title of “Opportunities and Benefits of Joint Use of the Vistula Lagoon” was signed by JMA in the name of Polish Ministry of Regional Development. This project was prepared by the Maritime Institute of Gdansk (Poland) acting as its beneficiary together with several partners from Poland and Russia representing educational institutions and bodies of local government. Total budget of the action consists of approximately 1.07 million Euros while 90% of this sum is granted by the European Community. During 24 months managers of the project will implement series of soft activities aimed on the intensification of socioeconomic cooperation among regions of Vistula Lagoon which in itself compose the overall objective of the action.

Specific objectives of the project include Polish-Russian joint assessment of natural and social conditions facilitating the sustainable development of Vistula Lagoon region, creation the catalogue of existing port and harbour infrastructure and reviews of its development plans, including spatial planning aspect which directly satisfies the conditions of Priority 2, measure 2.4, and identification of common issues of future transregional initiatives, containing environmental protection, navigational safety and joint economic collaboration at regional level.

Action plan of the project stipulates the list of activities oriented to reach the abovementioned objectives:

1. One kick-off conference and four seminars on evaluation of natural and socioeconomic conditions of the Vistula Lagoon with subsequent preparation of handbooks on sustainable development of the region.

2. One study visit to Polish and Russian Baltic ports and two seminars for elaboration of the characteristic of port and harbour infrastructure.

3. Two public consultations, one conference and two seminars organized for preparation of spatial planning characteristic with subsequent development of atlas with recommendation of water use for Vistula Lagoon and analytical notes on potential current and possible future conflicts in water and land use in the region.

4. Review of ports/ harbour spatial plans in Vistula Lagoon Region.

5. Creation of two catalogues of existing port and harbour infrastructure in Vistula Lagoon.

6. Two seminars on transregional cooperation between Polish and Russian partners.

7. One roadmap/strategy for future common activities creation through two public consultations and two seminars.

8. Final conference on the objective of common regional development of the Vistula Lagoon area organized in Kaliningrad.

9. Visibility measures including realization of project website and database, usage of the Programme logos on each project training, review and promotional materials.

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