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Project under the title of “The development of active tourism as a common ground for the Polish - Russian cooperation” was submitted by the municipality of Ełk town (Poland) under measure 2.1. The Joint Managing Authority presented by the Polish Ministry of regional development signed the grant contract on 28 December 2012 with Ełk municipality for co-financing of 412,441.95 Euro from the Programme’s funds. The Partner of Ełk administration within the framework of the Project is Oziersk town administration from the Kaliningrad region of Russia.

Project is aimed at the development of tourism potential of Ełk and Oziersk towns through establishing and promoting cross-border tourism cooperation between the local governments of two partner countries. The specific objectives of the action are the increasing of the tourism attractiveness of two cities by creating several cross-border tourism products, and encouraging tourists to visit twin places by creating tourist information system and international tourism development program. Residents and potential visitors of the partner towns can be mentioned among target groups of the action.

Main activities that are planned for implementation are the following:

1. Activities oriented on creation of the sustainable project management tool.

2. Promotion activities which consist in distribution of information about the project, its donor and beneficiaries, its objectives and estimated results.

3. Creation of the concept for the development of active tourism, active lifestyle and sport exchanges between partner towns including the plan for future cooperation with other cities which task will be done by four experts specifically employed for this purpose.

4. Construction of two rope parks – one in Ełk and another in Oziersk – in accordance with existing construction rules for sport and recreational objects. Both parks will have different age zones and necessary sanitation facilities. Staff of the park will be complete with trainers, instructors and lifeguards.

5. Maintenance check of the constructed rope parks in the form of annual inspections in order to get the Certificate of Safe Rope Climbing.

6. Creation of the tourist information system in the form of multilingual (Polish, Russian, English and German) website including such web-content as the virtual tour of the facilities, panoramic view from the height of 30 meters, landscapes of the Rivers of Ełk (Poland), Angorapa (Russia) and Lake Ełckie (Poland), rope parks from a height of 5-6 m, and aerial panoramas.

7. 10 tourist exchanges between Ełk and Oziersk with participation of children and adults.

8. Provision of the access to the rope parks for residents of the cities and coming tourists.

9. Each abovementioned activity will be evaluated and monitored by the specially employed expert (1 person for each partner town). Monitoring will be aimed at evaluating the current developments and necessary adjustments. It will take place at all levels and stages of the project, measuring progress against the planned budget, activities, assumptions and results.

10. As the part of the project implementation plan several audits will be realized in order to comply with ENPI CBC Lithuania-Poland-Russia rules.

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