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In 2010 administration of Suwalki District (Poland) had submitted its project “Active young people alive monuments” under the Measure 2.1 – the development of tourism in the Programme’s area. Later it was approved for implementation by the Joint Monitoring Committee and after all necessary corrections and updates signed by the Joint Managing Authority of the ENPI CBC Programme Lithuania-Poland-Russia – Polish Ministry of regional development. Administration of Suwalki District will be granted with substantial sum of 2,985,350.06 Euro providing 10% of this amount from its own financial sources to observe one of the main motivational principles of the Programme.

The overall objective of the project is to showcase cultural heritage sites to make border areas of Poland, Lithuania and Kaliningrad region of Russia more attractive for tourists. Project is also due to achieve two specific objectives – it has to improve the accessibility of cultural heritage sites by way of renovation and adaptation for tourist needs and it should promote joint tourism product – cross-border meeting points of youth under the name “Active young people alive monuments”. The initiative of Suwalki District was endorsed by Kalvaria municipality (Lithuania) and administration of Ozersk District (Kaliningrad region of Russia) which became its project partners automatically expanding the territory of project operation and impact. The project is generally targeted at young people who by participating in the joint activities will have a unique opportunity to know culture and customs of the neighboring countries and become promoters of mutual visits of the cross-border area residents for tourist, recreational and educational purposes.

Main activities of the project which will be jointly realized by the partners during the 24 months of its implementation stage are as follow:

1. Renovation and equipment of the guardhouse building in Dowspuda (Poland) to accommodate Tourist Services Center.

2. Renovation and equipment of the Church of Holy Virgin Mary in Kalvaria (Lithuania) to host Youth Pilgrimage Center.

3. Renovation and equipment of the International Center for the Development of Children and Youth’s Creativity in Ozersk (Russia).

4. Organization of two 7-day sessions of a youth camp in Dowspuda (Poland) for 42 male and female participants each.

5. Organization of the similar event in Kalvaria (Lithuania) – 7-days youth camp for 42 participants.

6. Organization of return –day youth camp in Ozersk (Russia) for 42 male and female participants.

7. Development of new tourist product “Active young people alive monuments”. The description will consist of a general characteristics of the tourism product, mapping of the tourist route, history of the places and sites relevant to the product, services offered for tourists (accommodation, catering facilities, tourist attractions, active leisure packages, photographs and maps related to the product, general information about crossing the border and visiting the partner countries).

8. Development and publication of a brochure to promote created tourist product “Active young people alive monuments” containing short description and presentation of the most important components of the product – sites, routes, attractions, services for tourists.

9. Designing and publication of a calendar for 2015 promoting cultural heritage sites in the border areas.

10. Development of technical documentation for the renovation of the historic Horse Post Station, Evangelical-Lutheran Church and historical part of the town itself (Lithuania).

11. Implementation of visibility actions producing 6 information boards, 3 plaques, 12 press releases, 3 roll ups, 3 banners and 240 t-shirts.

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