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Municipality of Elk (Poland) and Oziersk Town administration (Russia) are launching their joint project “Office for promoting entrepreneurship”. The Joint Managing Authority signed the grant contract for financing 184,451.56 Euro from the Programme’s funds. Thus the Project’s total budget including 10% of the Partners’ contribution is 204,946.18 Euro.

Overall objective of the action is to promote social, economic and spatial development establishing and promoting economic cross-border cooperation between small and medium-sized businesses, business organizations and local governments supporting the entrepreneurship. Specific objectives of the project is in line with the indicative activities of Program’s measure 2.3 – increasing competitiveness of SMEs and development of the labour market. They are particularly related to the increase of SMEs competitiveness and development of local labour market in the cities of Elk (Poland) and Oziersk (Russia) covering such goals as joint training and promotion, protection of common interests and exchange of experience between international entrepreneurs.

Main activities that are planned for implementation are as follows:

1. Establishment of an instrument to support cross-border SME cooperation, local businesses and unemployed in the form of Business Support Offices – one in Elk and another in Oziersk.

2. Organization of a two-day Business Forum in Elk for entrepreneurs, business-related organizations and local authorities also bearing the function of opening project conference.

3. Organization of a two-day cross-border trainings in Elk and Oziersk for entrepreneurs from two border areas (40 participants) in order to cover such themes as the innovation technology in the management of small and medium enterprise, the social networking and other socially engaged marketing.

4. Organization of individual business development counseling both for business operators and for those who wish to start their own company which will be done by outsourced experts on the basis of established Business Support Offices.

5. Organization of 8-hours local trainings for 40 entrepreneurs separately in Elk and Oziersk covering such topics as sales, marketing and purchase management with elements of negotiation technics.

6. Implementation of activities aimed at the support of unemployed citizens (30 persons) of two partner regions including coaching which will be launched on the basis of a joint programme developed by two trainers from Elk and two coachers from Oziersk to serve as a tool for professional and social re-integration.

Throughout the whole implementation stage sustainable managerial team will provide the internal maintenance of the project, while outsourced experts will be doing external monitoring, evaluation and audit of its activities. Promotion of the project with information about the sources of financing, its purposes and activities will be conducted starting from the beginning of the action. On both sides of the border 12 000 flyers and 1 200 posters will be printed, 12 TV ads will be screened and 12 reports will be published in local press.

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