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Ministry of regional development of Poland acting as the Joint Managing Authority of the ENPI CBC Lithuania-Poland-Russia Programme signed the grant contract for financing of another project within Measure 2.1 tourism development. The Project “Common paths - the development of tourism attractiveness in Malbork and Svetly” was submitted by the Municipality of Malbork (Poland) together with the Municipality of Svetly (Russia). Partners will be granted 866,389.86 Euro from the Programme funds for implementation of the main activities. The total budget of the project with the 10% of the Partners’ contribution amounts to 962,655.40 Euro

The main objective of the investment is to increase tourism attractiveness of the towns of Malbork and Svetly through enhancement of available tourist infrastructure. The objective is to be achieved by development of a new tourism object in Malbork – the walls of the Old Town, as well as a new tourism product in Svetly – the park along the canal bank. The activities will strengthen future potential of Malbork and Svetly in respect of their tourism attractiveness by elaboration of a complex technical documentation for the subject of tourist infrastructure. Project results are addressed to visitors and residents of the partner cities contributing first of all to overall social and economic development of two regions.

Main activities that are planned for implementation are as follows:

1. Activities aimed at the sustainable management of the project - human resources management, tangible assets resources management, financial management, task management and time management. Nine meetings of the working group have been envisaged (six in Svetly, three in Malbork) in order to ensure proper implementation of the project as well as the preparation of joint activities.

2. Restoration of the degraded historic defense walls of the Old Town of Malbork carried out under archeological supervision.

3. Implementation of works on improvement of the park along the canal in Svetly.

4. Preparation of the complete technical documentation for the development of the town boulevards in Malbork. The boulevards along the river banks of Nogat are supposed to constitute an attractive passageway for strollers. The boulevards are to have an appropriately prepared pavement, benches, attractive lighting and places prepared for locating small catering services and other service and commercial facilities.

5. Development of a concept of improvement of the recreational and tourist area in the Svetly municipality containing new architectural solution for city parks and gardens, documentation on engineering preparation of the area and arrangement of storm water and lightning in the park.

6. Promotional activities include measures serving to inform about the role of EU funds in the implementation of the project. Informational and commemorative plaques will be place on the objects of restoration. Commercial spots regarding the project implementation will be prepared and broadcasted on local TV channels. The implementation of the project will be also promoted in local newspapers, daily Internet newspaper.

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