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Recently Joint Managing Authority signed the grant contract for implementation of the project with the title of “The towns of Kętrzyn and Svetly as Cross-border Physical Culture Centres thanks to the development of the public services connected with the integration of the sensitive Groups with the help of active cross-border cooperation”. The beneficiary of the action represented by the municipal administration of the Polish town Kętrzyn and its partner from Russia – municipal administration of Svetly (the Kaliningrad region of the Russian Federation) – will get 547 012.68 Euro from the ENPI CBC Lithuania-Poland-Russia Programme and also should ensure 10% of their own financial contribution thus making the total budget of the action of 607 791.87 Euro.

The overall objective of the project is the creation of conditions for intercultural dialogue and decreasing of the social exclusions risk for the sensitive groups of the modern society such as physically and mentally disabled people, chronically ill persons, the unemployed, including long-term ones, children and youth coming from the social groups threatened with social exclusions, victims of physical and mental abuse, national minorities and people who are threatened to lose their job because of the social-economic changes. Activities that are foreseen to speed up the achievement of this objective specifically aimed at the development of the public services supporting the integration of the sensitive society groups into the local community through the example of Kętrzyn (Poland) and Svetly (Russia), at increasing the knowledge and skills of the social services employees in both partner towns as well as at the creation of possibilities for integration of the vulnerable groups (in particular people with disabilities) into the local community.

These main activities are the following:

1. Organization of the kick-off conference in Kętrzyn for 80 participants  in order to present project’s assumptions, measures and planned results.

2. Elaboration of the concepts for development of the public services and the programmes of implementation of the activities on behalf of the public services supporting the integration of the sensitive groups into the small town local community.

3. Elaboration of the technical documentations for establishment of the Cross-Border Physical Culture Centers in Kętrzyn and Svetly.

4. Organization of training workshops consisting of four thematic blocks on issues of social policy and health care.

5. Organization of a study-visit for Polish participants of the training workshop (approx. 45 persons) from Kętrzyn to Svetly to gain practical knowledge about the principle of functioning of the units involved in partner’s public sector.

6. Organization of two-day integration trips for the participants of the future project Paralympics accompanied by their caretakers – one to Poland and one to Russia – following by the one-day summarizing conference.

7. Organization of two-day Paralympics that will take place in Kętrzyn for 60 participants.

8. Promotion of the projects activities and results through web-sites, press publications and producing of the promotional materials for the participants of each integrated event within the project.

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