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The Lithuania-Poland-Russia ENPI CBC Programme is pleased to introduce the winter 2014/15 edition of INTERACT newsletter which focuses on the achievements of ENPI CBC in the 2007-2013 period, among the others containing information about our Programme too. INTERACT Newsletter Winter 2015

Projects' news


The competition for a Year’s award organised by the Association of Public Libraries of Municipalities of Lithuania has ended in April. The aim of this competition is to promote public libraries and their branches to work creative and innovative, to acknowledge their best achievements. In total 49 applications were submitted and jury has selected the best applications and presented them for award. 4 public libraries and 5 branches of public libraries were awarded.

Strategic focus and objectives

The socio-economic analysis of the border region and the SWOT analysis have revealed that the most characteristic features of the Programme area are: an exclave character of the Kaliningrad region, a peripheral character of a majority (with few exceptions) of the Programme area's regions both from the European and the national perspective, as well as the existence of important developmental potentials hardly linked together. All those aforementioned problems and challenges, coupled with possible synergetic effects out of the more intensive co-operation, outline good opportunities to develop crossborder operations in the future among Lithuania Poland and Russia.

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